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sind wir Makler mit Profil!

Wir wollen, dass Sie zufrieden sind!




Wenn Sie von einem beabsichtigten Verkauf wissen oder uns Tipps geben können, die zu einem Kontakt führen, werden wir uns bei Ihnen mit einem kleinen Geschenk bedanken.

(Kinogutschein, Essensgutschein, Bargeld)




Selling/ buying an apartment is not an every day decision


The acquisition as well as selling of a property is a highly emotional challenge for the persons involved. Maybe you have lived in the apartment for a long time and are now confronted with a situation that is changing your life


You are intending to spend your current or sunset years in your desired apartment.


Together we will find out what is important to you!

We will help you make your decision and will not desert you when you need us most.

These steps are not every day, therefore we are there to diminish inconveniences that may trouble you along the way.

We will accompany you along the way!


These are our rules:

  1. We know our market and would be pleased to consult you on prices, rent and market trends.
  2. We work with transparent information around property deals.
  3. We record customer proceedings.
  4. We consult without time pressure. You will have enough time to examine the given offer. We do not conduct transactions without viewings.
  5. We speak to our clients about their needs and desires and take concerns serious. You will be informed about possible risks form the beginning.
  6. We accompany you to viewings and are available for consultation at all times.
  7. We have an asset and liabilities arrears insurance at our disposal.
  8. We enforce a problem recognising consultation.
  9. The brokerage commission is based on a contingency fee that is debited to the agency at the end of the property transaction.
  10. We also availability after successful contract signing for further inquiries.
  11. We are members of the German 'IVD Berlin-Bradenburg' and regularly attend further developing offers and other information the association supplies. We follow the guideline of the association.